Netflix Cracks Down On Password Sharing, Trials Small Fee For Adding Users

When it comes to Netflix, password sharing is a common and widespread practice. It is a way for people to enjoy a subscription to the streaming service for cheap, or a way to leech off an ex-lover until the inevitable password change. However, password sharing is about to come with a price tag, and it’s not just because of a price hike.

Based on an official announcement, Netflix will be attaching a small fee for subscribers who share passwords with people outside of their households. The streaming service will be testing out this approach first in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. This is done through two new features, ‘Add an Extra Member’ and ‘Transfer Profile to a New Account’.

Netflix Password Sharing
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The former, for subscribers on the Standard and Premium plans, allows for up to two sub-accounts outside of one’s household to be added. They will each get their own profile, personalised recommendations, and password. Each addition comes at a lower price compared to a regular subscription – CLP 2,380 in Chile, US$2.99 in Costa Rica, and PEN 7.90 in Peru.

The latter, for subscribers on Basic, Standard, and Premium plans, allows users to transfer profile information to either a new account or an Extra Member sub-account, transferring the viewing history, My List, and personalised recommendations over to a different profile to be used outside of one’s household.

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Seems like Netflix is starting to crack down on password sharing, which is a bit of a shame for many subscribers. However, it is something that we’ve always known will happen sooner or later. Hopefully, it won’t be rolled out globally for a while. Still, it’s safe to say that many will continue to binge-watch shows on Netflix simply because of the shows’ quality and the convenience of using the streaming service.