Netflix Taps Chinese Stars And Series For Expanded Content, Adds Louis Koo’s Warriors of Future

Netflix Taps Chinese Stars And Series For Expanded Content, Adds Louis Koo’s ‘Warriors of Future’ (明日战记) 

If you have been a subscriber of Netflix, you are likely one of the many who has been spoilt for choice when it comes to content on the streaming platform. From movies to serialised shows, there is always a glut of options for everyone, and now, those looking for distinctly Chinese entertainment can look forward to more, as Netflix partners up with top creators to expand its options on that front.

From modern fantasy to steamy romance and gritty crime thrillers, Netflix will be releasing five original Chinese-language shows globally, so audiences around the world can enjoy good content.

Netflix Taps Chinese Stars And Series
(clockwise from top left): Melvin Ang, executive chairman of mm2 (Agent From Above); Lincoln Lai, director & executive producer (The Nipple Talk); Louis Koo, founder of One Cool Pictures & executive producer (Warriors of Future); Yuen Fai Ng, director (Warriors of Future); David Chuang, director (The Victims’ Game S2); Chang Jung-chi, director (Copycat Killer); Henri Chang, director (Copycat Killer)

The upcoming collection of Chinese shows coming to Netflix includes Agent From Above, a fantasy series rooted in traditional Taiwanese beliefs, the sci-fi blockbuster Warriors of Future; two thriller mysteries in the form of Copycat Killer and the second season of The Victims’ Game; and the LGBTQ+ friendly show, The Nipple Talk.

“We’re committed to investing in and creating high-quality Chinese-language shows that we know will appeal to more audiences in Taiwan and around the world. We hope our projects will uplift the entertainment industry in Taiwan and introduce local stories to the world through our global platform,” explained Jerry Zhang, Manager, Content.

“We’re thrilled to work with some of the best production companies in the region, which not only allows us to showcase top Chinese creative talent to a global audience but also allows our members to be the first in the world to stream a mega box office success like Warriors of Future,” added Janslle Ong, Manager, Content.

Beyond the Chinese focus for Netflix, it is likely the streaming platform will continue pushing its offerings from all kinds of perspectives. This will allow it to leverage regional preferences and provide the type of entertainment that will have viewers binge-watching for hours on end.