Mission: Impossible 7 Stops Shooting Amid COVID-19 Concerns In Italy

The rapid spread of the coronavirus now known as COVID-19 across the globe in recent months has led to many businesses and events to close up shop for the sake of precaution. The production for the upcoming Mission: Impossible 7 starring Tom Cruise and newcomer Hayley Atwell has also been affected.

Deadline reports that Paramount Pictures ceased all plans for upcoming filming in Venice, Italy this March, after the Italian government publicly issued an order to halt “all public gatherings”, following the rise of the number of COVID-19 cases in the country to 219.

This meant that the MI:7 production had no choice but to cease filming for the time being. Paramount issued a statement following this decision. Here’s what it said:

Out of an abundance of caution for the safety and well-being of our cast and crew, and efforts of the local Venetian government to halt public gatherings in response to the threat of coronavirus, we are altering the production plan for our three week shoot in Venice, the scheduled first leg of an extensive production for Mission: Impossible 7.  During this hiatus we want to be mindful of the concerns of the crew and are allowing them to return home until production starts.  We will continue to monitor this situation, and work alongside health and government officials as it evolves.

Despite the cessation of shooting in Venice, Deadline also reports that the production may be moved to another part of Europe or back in the US altogether, though Paramount has yet to confirm nor deny that. The film’s release date of 23 July 2021 is then cast into doubt given the current situation.