Mighty Jaxx Delves Into The Upside Down With Stranger Things Blind Boxes

As we barrel toward the final season of Stranger Things, the demons that have kept us company (and in terror) are back! But unlike their on-screen portrayals, Mighty Jaxx has put together a cute collection of creatures from the Upside Down. And Stranger Things fans will be all over this release.

Not content with staying in the Upside Down, these denizens strive to occupy that precious display shelf space in our homes. And, we know how much of a premium that is. Dubbed the Stranger Things: Demopets Funboxx, this collection rounds up 6 demo-species in one blindbox release.

Mighty Jaxx Stranger Things

Featuring a total of seven, 3.5-inch, vinyl collectibles, the series consists of:

  • The Demogorgon
  • The Demobat
  • The Mind Flayer
  • DemoDog
  • D’art (Thanks, Dustin!)
  • DemoDog In Training
Mighty Jaxx Stranger Things

As the special chase figurine, Eleven stands at the bulwark to fend off the various creatures from the Upside Down. On closer look, Eleven is in her iconic pose as she focuses her psychic powers resulting in a nose-bleed after immense stress. Even in such a form, the Mighty Jaxx release is able to capture the scene with a tiny drop of blood.

Mighty Jaxx Stranger Things

Taking on Chibi-esque forms, the terrifying Demogorgon, DemoDog, and Demobat would look totally awesome on any display shelf or desk. 

Designed in-house by the Mighty Jaxx team, we’re particularly drawn to how their take of the Mind Flayer has evolved into a less menacing look. But is that one of Vecna’s victims it has on its back?

The Mighty Jaxx Stranger Things: Demopets collection follows an earlier release which saw Vecna released as a standalone collectible. Filled with easter eggs, the Vecna collectible is the perfect pairing with Eleven for all you completionists out there.

Mighty Jaxx Stranger Things

The collection will be released on 30 November 2022 via Mighty Jaxx’s website. Each blind box will cost US$12.99 while a tray of 6 blind boxes will retail for US$74.99. There’s a possibility to complete an entire set in one swoop but Eleven might remain elusive to the completionist.

We’re certain that there will be more collections from Mighty Jaxx rolling out in the coming months as the final season of Stranger Things is still in the works.

This article is brought to you together with Mighty Jaxx.