Metal Slug Tactics Gameplay Revealed, Coming To Nintendo Switch And PC In 2022

Nostalgia is always a good way to bring back good memories, and when Metal Slug Tactics was first revealed back in June, that feel-good feeling was definitely going around. Taking the old SNK run-and-gun formula and bringing it into the world of turn-based strategy, the reveal trailer was a pleasant surprise for many. Now, we finally have some gameplay of Metal Slug Tactics to pore over.

As part of the latest Indie World event, we see fan-favourites Marco, Tarma, Fio, and Eri take to various battlefields and engage in pixellated action. Requiring a more tactical approach, getting into the right positions will often grant bonuses to help in battle. Expect plenty of guns and explosions to be a big part of the affair.

Developed by Leikir Studio and published by DotEmu, Metal Slug Tactics will also have roguelike elements, so gameplay is going to be kept fresh with each run.

However you feel about tactical games, the look of Metal Slug Tactics is definitely a big plus. Featuring gorgeous pixel art and fluid animation, every scene is a joy to behold. The headquarters is a particular love letter to both the series and SNK’s history.

It will take some time before we can get our hands on Metal Slug Tactics and its new gameplay twist, but with both a PC and a Nintendo Switch release, fans will have options aplenty when fighting the good fight.