McDonald’s Singapore To Give Out Books By ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ Author To Encourage Reading In Children

With an increasing number of children these days taking to playing and watching videos on their tablets and phones more, McDonald’s Singapore has decided to launch their Happy Meal Readers Programme in an effort to encourage more kids to take up a book to read.

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From March 7, 2019, families will get an additional option of a book by Cressida Cowell with every McDonald’s Happy Meal purchased. Cowell is the author and illustrator of the widely popular “How To Train Your Dragon” books.

The Treetop Twins Adventures is a collection of 12 standalone stories that Cowell wrote and illustrated exclusively for McDonald’s. Two books from the series will be released every eight weeks, meaning that McDonald’s will be giving away The Treetop Twins Adventures with every Happy Meal purchased for the whole year, till 2020.

The books feature a pair of twins who travel back in time with their scientist parents to an era where dinosaurs roam free.

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Customers will still have the options to get a Happy Meal toy over the book to accompany their purchase.

McDonald’s will also be partnering with the National Library Board (NLB) to bring storytelling to restaurants, by holding weekly storytelling sessions led by none other than McDonald’s own Ronald McDonald, and supported by professional storytellers, and junior and teen reading ambassadors from the NLB.

“We believe that a good reading habit should be cultivated from a young age, to encourage lifelong learning,” Deputy Director for Content and Services at NLB Raneetha Rajaratnam says.

As there are limited seats available, families who are interested can head over to McDonald’s Happy Meal website for more information and register their interest with the participating stores.

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