MapleStorySEA 19th Anniversary Celebration: Shining Idol, Burning-Fast Leveling, New Events & More

This summer, MapleStorySEA will roll out a suite of updates that promise an exhilarating experience for players, alongside a celebration of its 19th Anniversary. Starting this May, fans can dive into a variety of new features designed to enhance gameplay and provide hours of entertainment.

MapleStorySEA 19th Anniversary Celebration

The excitement begins on 29 May with the much-anticipated return of Shining Idol Angelic Buster in a remastered version, enhancing the character’s playability and introducing an exclusive collaboration with Lucid for players in Southeast Asia. 

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This update revamps outdated skills, strengthening the concept of utilising Escada’s power and transforming her into the ultimate battlefield idol. The MapleStorySEA in-game celebration will also integrate K-Pop elements reminiscent of Angelic Buster’s promotional activities in Korea with her Shining Heart single, offering a unique blend of gaming and music culture.

Concurrently, MapleStorySEA will host a vibrant summer festival featuring the beloved character Lucid from 29 May to 20 August. While details remain under wraps, the event promises to be a joyful, sparkling celebration lasting 12 weeks.

MapleStorySEA 19th Anniversary Celebration

New Features

Another major highlight is the Hyper Burning+ system, which allows players to accelerate their leveling process dramatically. 

Starting 29 May, the Tera Blink – where newly-created characters after Level 10 gain two extra levels for every level up until Level 200 –  combined with Hyper Burning+ systems will enable players to quickly reach up to Level 260. The initiative includes an updated tutorial and special hunting missions to facilitate rapid progression effortlessly through early levels, accompanied by Spiegelmann’s Growth Guide, which offers exciting content missions to further boost player development.

On 10 July, MapleStorySEA will introduce new 6th Job Skills, adding two new skills per class to expand combat capabilities and promote significant growth in character development.

  • 6th Job Mastery Skills: Each class will receive a second Mastery skill to further enhance their combat prowess.
  • 6th Job Common Skills: The first universal skill available to all classes, which provides a significant boost to overall growth and character development.
MapleStorySEA 19th Anniversary Celebration

The same day will also mark the debut of the Union Artifact System, a groundbreaking feature that enhances the growth of multiple characters simultaneously. By completing daily and weekly missions, players can unlock extraordinary rewards, leveraging the collective strength of their characters to improve overall combat effectiveness.

19th Anniversary Offline Event In Kuala Lumpur

To celebrate a momentous 19 years of MapleStorySEA adventures, an exclusive offline event awaits in Malaysia. From 21 to 23 June, the IOI CITY MALL in Kuala Lumpur will host the celebration, featuring trivia challenges, art booths, a themed photo booth, and numerous stage activities. Attendees will also have the opportunity to acquire exclusive merchandise and in-game items.

These updates and events underscore MapleStorySEA’s commitment to delivering a rich, engaging summer experience for its players. For more detailed information and updates, players are encouraged to visit the official MapleStorySEA website.