Magic: The Gathering Commander Legends Battle for Baldur’s Gate Card Preview – Beckoning Will-o’-Wisp

Following up with the ever-popular Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is the next release, Battle for Baldur’s Gate.

For those who remembered the first Commander Legends in 2020, it introduced the Commander Draft format where players drafted a 60-card deck and then faced off in a 4-player game. The Partner mechanic also meant powerful synergies could be created by allowing 2 Commanders in your deck. And not least of all, the fabled Jeweled Lotus was a highly coveted card for being the Commander-based cousin of Black Lotus, Magic’s most expensive card.

After much anticipation, its sequel – Commander Legends 2: Battle for Baldur’s Gate – will be released on June 10! The new set takes place in the Dungeons & Dragons city of Baldur’s Gate, and will feature many recognisable names and themes from the long-running role-playing game.

Before you storm down the gates of local game shops, we have another exclusive preview card for you, thanks to Wizards of the Coast!

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Beckoning Will-o’-Wisp: Battle for Baldur’s Gate Preview

Wisp is a 1/3 Flying Spirit for 3 Mana (white and 2 colourless), with a rather unique ability with implications not often seen in other cards:

“At the beginning of combat on your turn, choose an opponent. Creatures attacking the last chosen player get +1/+0.”

The art, by Sam White, features a tepid soldier cautiously approaching a few yellow flickers of light, presumably the Will-o’-Wisps themselves. A subtle word of warning in the flavour text: “Follow the light at your own risk.”

Offering an Incentive to Attack Other Players

For whichever opponent you choose, every single Creature attacking that chosen opponent gets +1/+0. It incentivizes all your other opponents to also attack that chosen player, and not just for your benefit. This creates a political tool somewhat like the Goad ability, which forces Creatures to attack and they have to be directed at other players (if able). This is one feature that Battle for Baldur’s Gate is looking to expand on.

Goad’s been seen as recently as the Streets of New Capenna Commander deck “Cabaretti Cacophony” as a built-in trigger for its Commander Kitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva. Its design suits Commander perfectly because of its multiplayer nature and Beckoning Will-o’-Wisp can definitely fit in nicely with any Goad-themed decks.

Unlike Goad, Beckoning Will-o’-Wisp doesn’t force other players to be attacked, but it dangles that +1 Power carrot over your opponents’ noses. And since you’re not likely to pick yourself as the chosen player, +1/+0 for certain tribal decks (think Krenko Mob Boss’ goblins) can be utterly devastating and even game-ending.

Synergise with Battle for Baldur’s Gate Backgrounds or Old Curses

Backgrounds are a new Legendary Enchantment type introduced in Battle for Baldur’s Gate, and they are basically Enchantments that can act as your second Commander. They often grant your main Commander (a Legendary Creature) certain buffs or benefits, just not to your other Creatures.

A number of backgrounds, have a strong focus on attacking Creatures and can work well with Beckoning Will-o’-Wisp. In particular, Sword Coast Sailor is a background that allows your Commander to attack unblocked, as long as the defending player has the least amount of life. Add that +1 Power boost and there aren’t many other cooler ways to land the finishing blow via Commander damage!

Beckoning Will-o’-Wisp will also pair well with certain Curse cards, because these spells enchant a player and often provide some kind of benefit when other players attacked a cursed opponent. Sound familiar?

Curse of Hospitality, Curse of Predation, and Curse of the Forsaken all trigger considerable value be it in card advantage, +1/+1 counter or life gain. Tease it up with a +1/+0 buff from the Wisp and it’s just makes economical sense for opponents to leave you alone and attack someone else.

End Step

While not an instant include for all Commander decks, Beckoning Will-o’-Wisp works great in tribal decks that rely on attacking and swarming the enemy. It even has a place in certain Pillow-Fort decks that make it difficult (or in this case non-beneficial) to attack you. As a Creature with abilities fit for specific situations, it’ll find its home in no time.

Commander Legends: Battle For Baldur’s Gate releases 10th June, so stay tuned!