Lynda Carter Makes Mid-Credits Cameo In Wonder Woman 1984

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

If you’ve watched any superhero movie, you’ll know to wait a couple of minutes after the show ends for a mid-credits scene. That’s where you get little hints for the next installation or have a joke delivered to you. Well, the mid-credits scene for Wonder Woman 1984 is definitely not to be missed because it features a cameo of Lynda Carter.

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The cameo sees the 69-year-old former Wonder Woman walking around a town before saving a bunch of people from a falling pole. She turns around, tells the audience “I’ve been doing this all this time” and gives a little wink.

wonder woman 1984

In Wonder Woman 1984, Carter is revealed to be Asteria, an Amazon warrior of Themyscira who donned the golden armour seen and spoken about in the movie.

For big fans, Carter’s cameo is bound to bring about excitement as the legend played Diana Prince from 1975 to 1979. With Wonder Woman 3 confirmed, could we see Carter on the big screens as Asteria? We sure hope so.

Wonder Woman 1984 starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal is now showing in cinemas, and 25 December 2020 on HBO Max for US viewers.