Lost Footage Of Unaired American ‘Sailor Moon’ Pilot Uncovered

The decades-long search for the American version of Sailor Moon has finally come to an end. YouTuber Ray Mona has unearthed the pilot episode of the unaired, never-finished series titled Saban Moon.

The story of Saban Moon first started in 1993, about two years before the debut of the dubbed Sailor Moon series. At the time, animation studio Toon Makers teamed up with Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment, the producers behind the original Power Rangers and made an English version of the popular Japanese series.

saban moon

Thanks to Ray Mona, we now have the full first episode. In a two-part series that takes place over the span of several months, Ray Mona detailed her journey to uncover the lost footage. The pilot can be found in the YouTube video at 1:43:48.

Saban Moon was a blend of live-action and animation, but it never took off. The pilot episode was split into two parts: an animated and live-action format and saw Sailor Scout and Luna played by a real-life actress and cat during their time on Earth. During the sequences that take place in space, the show transitions to animation.

This isn’t Ray Mona’s first find. The YouTuber is skilled at finding never before seen media content, including a never released Mean Girls game.