Linksys Velop Wants To Save You From All Your Networking Hassles

WiFi, ISP, routers, home networking – these are terms that would make an average consumer’s eyes glaze over. A router is one of the most used pieces of tech in a modern home that links everyone to the Internet and it is also one of the most frustrating gadgets to understand.

Even with one touch set ups and what not, home networking is still a nightmare. And I would know because I used to work at an ISP, so I know that there are so many variables in play that make it challenging to comprehend. And that is why we’re seeing the advent of Home WiFi Mesh Systems.

Enter the Linksys Velop, it’s small, blends in nicely into any home setting and, most importantly, incredibly easy to set up. To us geeks, this is the device to recommend to all your friends if you’re not particularly looking forward to be their 24/7 tech support. The Linksys Velop is looking to solve a rather common problem: helping the regular consumer ensure that every part of their home is sufficiently covered with an Internet signal. Basically, slow or intermittent Internet is worse than having no Internet.

Using the Velop, Linksys claims that users will be able to increase their WiFi range by 2000 square feet. That means with multiple nodes, you’d be able to blanket a house with multiple stories, without any loss or buffering while enjoying music or online videos. Setup is incredibly easy as well as it’s at most a five step process to get each Velop unit up and running in no time, through the use of the Linksys App.

There’s really not much to elaborate right here because based on what I saw at the product demo, it is really that easy. Just a few taps on the app and you’ve created a stable network at home for the family.

At the heart of each Velop node is a Tri-Band AC 2×2 802.11ac Wave 2 with MU-MIMO radio configuration with combined speeds of up to 2200 Mbps. In real world speak, it’s fast and sufficient enough for you to make video calls with no hiccups. If you’re a gamer, the real question is, “Why are you still on wireless?”. Once again, this is perfect for individuals whose homes need a proper remedy to create a proper network without using range extenders.

With great promise, the huge issue with the Linksys Velop is its spectacular sticker price. For the average home in Singapore, the folks actually recommend a 3 pack bundle which comes in at S$749. The corporate folks have ascertained that due to the solid construction of our apartments, 3 units would be essential. But, if budgets are a concern, you could always get a 2 pack at S$599 and add on an additional node at S$339.

Willing to make the investment? It’s probably prudent to do the sums and figure out if wiring up the home might be the more affordable (but less aesthetically pleasing) alternative. Or you could get a set of Linksys Velops and worry less about everything else.

The Linksys Velop will be available at all Atlas Showrooms from 12 May onwards.