Limited-Edition ‘Stray’ Backpack Lets You Carry Your Cat On Adventures Fur Real

It’s a cat’s world in Annapurna Interactive’s upcoming title Stray, but pet owners know that these feline companions already do run the show, in a way, as the precious baby in the household. To celebrate this feline way of life and the game’s launch on PC and PlayStation tomorrow, the publisher has announced a limited-edition Stray pet backpack that lets fans tuck their cats in during their real-world adventures.

Released as part of a collaboration effort with pet accessories brand Travel Cat, it comes decked out with neon and charcoal colours inspired by the cyberpunk setting of Stray. The carrier features a bubble attachment and a leash clip, and will retail at US$140 with the capacity to fit more than one cat.

It doesn’t have to be restricted solely to cat-carrying use, either. “You could also use the harness and backpack for small / medium-ish dogs if you really wanted to,” Annapurna elaborated. “And you can use the backpack for carrying stuff in general too.” The Stray backpack will be shipped in two batches, one on 31 August and another on 21 September.

The highly-anticipated feline adventure arrives tomorrow, 20 July (GMT+8), and tells the story of a homeless ginger cat in a post-apocalyptic world populated by robots. Apart from fast-paced traversal and basic combat action, players can expect to execute actions of cats in the real world, such as scratching the arm of a sofa, or gracefully leaping to the top of shelves. Stray will also be free for subscribers of PS Plus Extra and above, which is but a paw-some bonus.