LG StanbyME

LG’s StanbyME Portable Lifestyle Displays Bring Joy Of Entertainment Anywhere, Anytime

Displays come in various shapes, forms and sizes, from the more compact, standard-looking monitors to 4K OLED TVs, with vertical and even bendable ones like the LG OLED Flex. But that’s not all there is to see, as LG Electronics is introducing versatility with more portable viewing options.

Reinventing the wheel are LG’s StanbyME and StanbyME Go, two displays that present a convenient solution for the era of content streaming. Packed into a sleek form factor, these lifestyle offerings allow users to bask in the joy of entertainment wherever they are, be it indoors or outdoors.

Designed for the home space, the LG StanbyME pairs an FHD panel (1,920 x 1,080) with a stylish aesthetic that lends a Pure Beige colour finish, along with a textural fabric to the rear cover. Unlike normal displays with a table stand, the LG StanbyME is attached to a full height movable stand with concealed wheels, allowing users to easily and conveniently move the screen from room to room, and enjoy wireless entertainment while at it.

LG StanbyME

Want to move a movie from the study room to the dining room, or finish a YouTube video while making coffee every morning? This flexible touch also extends to its screen properties, capable of up to 180-degree rotation, 130-degree swivel, 50-degree tilt, and 20cm height adjustments. 

Despite its clean, lean build, the portable display doesn’t compromise on connectivity options. AirPlay and NFC compatibility makes it convenient to mirror content from iOS and Android devices, while HDMI and USB support offers an alternative for those who prefer the wired lifestyle. The LG StanbyME includes a handful of built-in streaming services as well, reducing the hassle of connecting to an external device.

A particularly neat trick here is the Room to Room Sharing feature, available on LG TVs released in or after 2022. Built for uninterrupted viewing, it allows users to watch content on one screen, and finish it on another. Want to continue where you left off before chores, social needs, or other aspects of life set in? LG says no problem. However, it should be noted that only sources from set-up boxes and terrestrial broadcasts can be mirrored using the Room to Room feature. A removable cradle on the display further adds to the convenience, as placing a phone there will establish a fast, secure solution for video calls, online classes or streaming content. 

Tying the viewing experience together is an intuitive control system, where the screen can be controlled via remote, touch, and gesture recognition. Opening apps, pausing videos, changing settings, switching between eight picture modes, and more are a simple affair, backed up by a three-hour battery life that’s enough to power through most movies, a workout, or even a study session.  

The joy of entertainment isn’t just confined to an indoor setting, though, as the StanbyME Go takes all of this convenience outdoors in the form of a carry-on briefcase (yes, you read that right). By tucking a 27-inch FHD display into an easy-to-store design, users are able to take their screen with them while on the go, with its built-in battery allowing three hours of movies, games, and more.*

LG StanbyME

Like its standing cousin, the lifestyle display promises the same intuitive approach. Touch controls are straightforward – simply swipe down to control brightness, volume, and power, and up to return to the home screen instantly. Alternatively, there’s also an option for hands-free voice control, which recognises voice from a distance. 

Being lugged around often warrants added protection, and fortunately for users, the LG StanbyME Go can’t be stopped by average bumps and thumps. The case’s durability has been verified through US military-grade testing, proving hardy in the areas of shock, extreme temperatures, low pressure, dust, salt fog, and vibration. A certified lean, mean machine, indeed.

Elsewhere, versatility forms the bedrock of its design language. Armed with a flexible stand, the device can be rotated and tilted up to 90 degrees, and adjusted to 180mm in landscape mode, offering users the best of both worlds. A phone cradle is available for mounting, with Table Mode entertainment bringing more customisation to the mix. 

Turntable music skins, for instance, offer decorative alternatives with modern white, retro wood, and three pastel colours, while the StanbyME Go can be turned into a board game table for a quick play session or two. 

Visibility under direct sunlight is a common issue with displays, but LG has made sure that it’s no concern here. The suitcase-styled screen features auto brightness control, automatically adjusting its brightness levels according to the users’ surroundings – be it outdoors, indoors, day, or night. Rounding out the viewing experience is an immersive soundscape, delivered through a three-way sound optimiser and Dolby Atmos support. 

A bundle of convenience, versatility, and functionality, the LG StanbyME retails for S$1,833, with the StanbyME Go coming in at S$1,816. Built for different consumer needs, both offerings seek to deliver an upgraded viewing experience through the constant pursuit of innovation, proving that the joy of entertainment isn’t tethered to a location; rather, it embraces the hectic pace of everyday life, serving to bridge the gap between work, life, and play. 

More information on the LG StanbyME and LGStanbyME Go can be found on the official website.

*The 3-hour duration is based on using the device in eco mode, but actual battery usage may vary depending on conditions.