LeSportsac Launches New Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbour Totoro Bags

Studio Ghibli’s favourite big grey Totoro is back in town! Fresh off the upmarket collab with Loewe, there’s another affordable option for fans. LeSportsac has collaborated with Benelic, Studio Ghibli’s merchandise retail chain, to create a 22-piece collection with Totoro as the star of the range. 

Totoro comes from the 1988 anime film, My Neighbour Totoro. In the anime, Totoro is a rabbit/raccoon/cat look-alike wood spirit that interacts with two young girls. His cute smile and huggable figure make him a lovable character to whoever watched the anime.

 “It was a dream, but it wasn’t a dream!” is the collaboration tagline, which makes sense since the anime is all about the dream-like encounters the girls have with Totoro. The range consists of a few patterns featuring Totoro and the little soot spirits that follow him. 

One of the patterns is the enchanting “Totoro Botanical”. The print has Totoro and his friends hanging around in the beautiful garden of hand-drawn flowers on a navy blue background.

Another pattern is more monochronic with “Totoro Gray”. Large, medium and small Totoro are all present here, with the soot spirits evenly placed out on a grey background. 

Finishing the collection with a pop of colour. On top of the watercolour-type finishing of vibrant shades of blue and yellow is Totoro himself. There are a few options available here, Totoro grinning his signature smile, him hanging out with a fresh sprout, or little Totoro.

The new collection releases on March 10 in Japan. With these adorable designs, no doubt the merchandise will sell out fast, so make sure to mark those calendars.