#LEGOBuildAmazing – Celebrating Creativity for the Future

The dearth of creativity in our society is often lamented, a result of our fast-paced lives and an emphasis on paper qualifications. This is a worrying sign, and if the LEGO Group wants to change that if they can do anything about it. Enter the #LEGOBuildAmazing campaign, a collaboration with engineering students of Singapore Polytechnic. Together, they turned the fantastical and imaginative musings of a group of children and bring it to life, all in a bid to persuade parents that ‘success’ can have room for the creatives of the world.

“As the brand that has the spirit of building at the heart of its DNA, we embarked on a mission to build belief in creativity and its immense potential for impacting the future. By taking what kids built as a blueprint, we brought their imagination to life so as to build what’s most important – the belief of parents in the vast future potential of creative play. To see the awe and wonder in the kids’ eyes truly made our day.”

This is also part of the LEGO Group’s vision for the next fifty years, to encourage and build the creativity of children and get parents to spend more quality time with their kids. After last year’s ‘A Gift For Imagination’ – where the adults witness the capacity of creativity their kids could have when given the chance, the LEGO Group remains committed to their ultimate goal.

“For 80 years, LEGO has been the building block catalyst of a generation’s creativity, and we want to show parents how nurturing a creative mind could unleash their child’s future potential for success – and help the builders of tomorrow make a mark in the world.”

How are you nurturing your children’s creativity? Join hands with the LEGO Group and help keep our children amazing and fulfil their full potential!

#LEGOBuildAmazing will be rolled out across India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.