‘Knives Out’ Sequel ‘Glass Onion’ Sets December Release With First Look Images

Glass Onion, the sequel to 2019’s whodunnit smash Knives Out, will debut on Netflix on 23 December. It will also be released in select theatres on a to-be-announced date.

In addition to announcing the film’s premiere date, Netflix also released first-look images on Twitter.

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Glass Onion‘s plot begins when tech billionaire Miles Bron (played by Edward Norton) invites a number of quirky and mysterious friends to his private island. It doesn’t take long before someone turns up dead, of course, and the group calls in Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) to solve the case.

glass onion

The first image released (above) shows the cast sitting around a dinner table, with Bron on one end and Blanc on the other. Also shown, though still playing unknown characters, are Dave Bautista, Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr, Jessica Henwick, Madelyn Cline, and Kate Hudson.

Rian Johnson, who returns as director and writer, assembled an all-star cast to match the original ensemble. According to Johnson, these characters will bring out more of Blanc than fans saw in the first Knives Out film.

“You definitely get to know him a little bit better,” he said. “In the first one, because of the way it was structured, Marta, Ana de Armas’ character, was very much the protagonist.”

glass onion

“In a big way, Blanc was the threat. He was almost the antagonist in terms of just the story structure, because you were worried, even as they got closer, that he was going to catch her and he was going to have to turn her over at the end,” shared Johnson.

“So Blanc was always outside of the sphere of our protagonist and was a little bit more of an enigma in the first movie. Whereas, in this one, Blanc gets an invitation to come to this murder mystery on this island. We’re very much meeting these people and getting into this world through his eyes.”

Glass Onion likely won’t be the last film of the Knives Out film series. Although a third Knives Out film hasn’t received an official greenlight, Netflix bought the rights to distribute the original film’s two sequels last year.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery premieres on 23 December.