Kirby and the Forgotten Land

‘Kirby and the Forgotten Land’ Free Demo Gives Players First Taste Of Mouthful Mode

Kirby and the Forgotten Land, an upcoming Kirby game for the Nintendo Switch first announced on Nintendo Direct, surprised players and fans with the inclusion of Mouthful Mode. That’s a mechanic where Kirby doesn’t fully swallow up an object, such as a car, but instead make use of the inherent properties of the physical object, like driving around.

The full game will be released on 25 March 2022, but there is a free demo up on the Nintendo Switch eShop for those who can’t wait to get a taste of the game.

This demo includes the first three levels of the game and the first boss fight. Yes, players will get to toy around with Mouthful Mode. Objects that Kirby can use in Mouthful Mode include staircases, traffic cones, cars, vending machines, and more.

The game world is vibrant, with the design hinting at a larger mystery about a forgotten past that players will probably learn more about as they progress through the game. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is yet another addition to the Nintendo Switch’s impressive library.

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