Kids Logic Announces Polystone (Robotech) Macross Valkyrie VF1J Full Armour Version Statue

Kids Logic has done busts and cockpits, and now Robotech/Macross fans will be getting a VF1J Full Amour version statue. As seen in Episode 9, “Miss Macross” of Robotech: The Macross Saga, the Veritech/Valkyrie VF1J Full Armour Version was used by Rick Hunter to take out the Zentradi spy ship.

The detailed statue is made of a mix of polystone and PVC plastic, and stands at 48cm tall, complete with 24 LED lights on the head, shoulders, cannon and the flame part on the display base.

Here are some of the notable features of the statue:

  • Material: Polystone, PVC Plastic
  • Dimensions: 48cm (H) X 35cm (L) X 35cm (W)
  • LED Lights: Head x1, Shoulders x2, Cannon x1
  • More than 20 LEDs at the display stand
  • Detailed sculpture with weathering effects

Unfortunately, there is no release window announced for the statue yet, but Kids Logic has already started taking pre-orders on their website. The statue costs US$599 and a US$300 deposit is required to lock in the online pre-order.

Preorder Robotech Macross Valkyrie VF1J Full Armour Version Statue now. Check this out: https://www.kidslogic.toys/products/st21 #robotech #macross #超時空要塞

Posted by Kids Logic on Saturday, June 12, 2021

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