KFC Cooks Up A Crumbstorm With New Cereal Chicken, Fries & Ondeh Ondeh Egg Tart

To celebrate Singapore’s National Day, KFC is reintroducing the fan-favourite KFC Cereal Chicken back to their menu, alongside a brand-new Cereal Fries and Ondeh Ondeh Egg Tart on the side.

The KFC Cereal Chicken is breaded with a crispy coating and tossed in a special spice seasoning unlike the original. Topped off with buttery-sweet Nestum cereal crumbs that are wok-fried with curry leaves, fresh chilli, and butter, it features a good mix of ingredients to spice up our taste palates.

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The KFC Cereal Chicken is available as an à la carte option for S$3.65 or a variety of bundle meals from S$8.95, including the 2-piece Cereal Meal, Cereal Box, 5-piece Cereal Buddy Meal, and 8-piece Cereal Family Feast.

Besides the all-time favourite, KFC will be bringing their all-new Cereal Fries and Ondeh Ondeh Egg Tart as sides to complete the entire experience as well.

The Cereal Fries are double-battered, butter mayonnaise-drizzled crispy fries topped off with crunchy sweet cereal crispy bits, while the local kueh-inspired Ondeh Ondeh Egg Tart is filled with brown sugar and creamy pandan custard that go with the dried coconut topping.

Where the Cereal Fries is available as an add-on to any meal for S$3.20 or S$4.60 as an à la carte, the Ondeh Ondeh Egg Tart is priced at S$1.50 per piece and S$5.50 for four pieces. These new flavours will be available from 9 July 2021 for a limited time only.

With McDonalds’ McCrispy, Burger King’s Rendang Burger, and KFC’s Cereal Chicken, it looks like we have plenty of local-flavoured fast food to order in for the coming weekend.