Jurassic Park Celebrates 25th Anniversary with New Board Game!

As Jurassic Park celebrates its 25th anniversary, it is not just an occasion for film buffs and dinosaur lovers. Boardgame enthusiasts can now join in the fun as Mondo Games has just announced their latest board game, Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene!

An asymmetrical tabletop game, 2-4 players will be heading up different factions in the park and trying to achieve their goals. You can head down the scientific route as the head of InGen, or be a terrified parkgoer caught up in the madness, be a raptor and wreak havoc in the park, or even better, the T-rex!

In our approach to “Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene”, we took many of our favorite elements of a traditional dungeon crawl style board game and spliced them with one of our favorite films of all time. The goal was to create something truly unique and incredibly fun to play.

Mondo Games Creative Director – Luke Byers

Available later this year at stores and on the web, Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene will also be shown at Mondo’s booth at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con, and if you are lucky to see it in person, you can net yourself these awesome looking patches as well.

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