16-Year-Old Leukaemia Survivor Organises Charity Valorant Tournament Through Make-A-Wish Singapore

E-sports is competitive, with players and teams pushing each other to their fullest, and when the dust has settled, there will be winners and losers. However, in Jovan’s Fundraising Tournament, a Valorant tournament, there are only winners.

Make-A-Wish Singapore, together with The Gym Esportscentre and Secretlab, are organising a Valorant tournament with prizes sponsored by Riot Games.

This tournament came about as a wish from 16-year-old Jovan, who is an acute myeloid leukaemia survivor. As an online gaming enthusiast, he wishes to organise his own Valorant gaming tournament to raise funds for Make-A-Wish Singapore and Children’s Cancer Foundation. Both charities are non-profit organisations that strive to improve the lives of children with cancer or critical illnesses, and to enhance their quality of life.

On Wish Day, 18 December, Jovan will compete against local Valorant Twitch streamers and talents from Titan Digital Media. The event will take place at Secretlab’s Esports Arena, and will be streamed on The Gym’s official Twitch channel.

During the tournament, Jovan will be granted Superpowers, allowing him to choose the maps for each match, assign the teams to either attack or defence positions, and also select the abilities of the agents pitted against his team.

The tournament will have four teams of five players, including Jovan’s. They will go through a best-of-one preliminary, and the top two teams will compete in a best-of-three format to determine the final champion.

Donors will be able to donate through a QR code or link shared during the stream itself, and every donation above S$5 will enter the donor into a lucky draw where they stand a chance to win prizes, which include a Secretlab chair and official Valorant merchandise.

We are always on for gaming for a good cause.