Calling all soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and aspiring pro gamers, if you have been hankering to play some Overwatch but have not been able to purchase it, Blizzard’s got your back, starting with Thailand! In partnership with MOL Global. Inc, Blizzard has set up the Blizzard Cafe pilot program for Overwatch from July 20 onwards.

We’ve seen such programs available in South Korea in the past but SEA users on reddit are skeptical if the initiative might open the region up to undesirable behaviour in-game. Yet, such an effort by Blizzard is essential to grow the community in this region. While folks like us in Singapore are fortunate to have access to a stable Internet connection and relatively affordable PCs, our fellow geeks in Thailand might lack the privilege.

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With the program in full swing, interested players at selected cyber cafes across Thailand will get to play the game without forking out any money, and even enjoy a 20% experience bonus to help them on their way, neat! Now, you truly have no excuse to not try out Overwatch if you happen to reside in the Land of Smiles!

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