Jason Momoa Fast X

Jason Momoa Teases “Androgynous” Villain Role In ‘Fast X’: “He’s Definitely Got Some Daddy Issues”

Playing the good guy is cool and all, but the true fun kicks in when you can be the big bad. Jason Momoa, a new addition to the Fast and Furious family, has expressed his excitement about stepping into the villain role in Fast X, as he offered a tease of his character in an interview with Variety.

“Time of my life,” he said about his time filming the high-octane movie. “I get to be the bad guy finally. I’ve been the good guy for a while. He’s very sadistic and androgynous and he’s a bit of a peacock… He’s got a lot of issues, this guy. He’s definitely got some daddy issues.”

The 10th mainline entry sees Momoa step away from his heroic Aquaman persona to become the franchise’s latest antagonist. But he isn’t the only one that Dominic Toretto (played by Vin Diesel) and company have to look out for, as a familiar baddie is set to make a return.

“I get to shoot with some really cool people that I have never — I get to work with Charlize [Theron] first up, which I’m really excited about. She’s amazing,” he said. “I’m excited I’m working with Vin. I’m excited I’m working with Charlize.”

Fast X is currently slated for released on 19 May 2023, with The Incredible Hulk director, Louis Leterrier, taking the helm over from mainstay director Justin Lin, who abruptly left the project last year. The man is currently involved in the live-action adaptation of One-Punch Man.