Pay US$10 For Itch.io’s ‘Bundle for Ukraine’ And Receive US$6,500 Worth of Games, Tabletop RPGs, Books And More

Itch.io, the open marketplace for independent video games creators, has launched a fundraiser to raise funds for two humanitarian organisations aiding civilians in Ukraine. Hosting the fundraiser is Necrosoft Games.

Titled Bundle for Ukraine, the bundle offers a collection of 991 indie games, soundtracks, books, comics, tabletop RPGs and gaming tools (worth US$6,500) for a minimum donation of US$10. All proceeds will go to Necrosoft’s chosen organisations: International Medical Corps and Voices of Children. Whilst donations start from US$10, Necrosoft urges that gamers donate more if they have the means to.


Out of the nearly 1000 products in the bundle, more than 600 have never been in a major bundle before. All of the products in the bundle are also paid products, and are created by several prominent developers and publishers.

Some of the games in the bundle include acclaimed and fan-favourite game such as CrossCode, Wandersong, Superhot, Baba Is You, Celeste, Skatebird, Towerfall Ascension and Minit.

With a goal of US$1 million to meet, the fundraiser has managed to raise approximately US$388,000 so far. As of today, the fundraiser has about 9 days left to meet their goal.

Interested games can check out which games are available and make their donation on the official fundraiser page on Itch.io. Not a big gamer? Readers who are keen to donate and support Ukrainians affected by the war can do so by donating to humanitarian aid organisations such as Save the ChildrenUNICEFProject HOPEDirect ReliefVoices of ChildrenInternational Rescue Committee.