How To Avoid The Valheim World Destroyer Bug And Preserve Your Progress

Valheim is the no.1 trending indie game on Steam right now with over 100,000 people downloading the early access pass everyday since 2nd February 2021.

With an overwhelming amount of people playing the game, the developers at Iron Gate AB are working hard to smooth out any bugs or glitches that might affect the gameplay. 

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They have done a good job so far, but they have hit a roadblock when a new “evil world-destroying bug” infested the game. 

Players whose game has encountered the bug would have their entire world’s progress erased from their devices. The CEO of the 5-man team at Iron Gate AB tweeted on Saturday that all players should back up and save their worlds as frequently as possible to save your day’s progress in the game. 

Saving your world located in <C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim\> will lessen the loss of your progress. 

If this bug has already erased your gameplay, do not panic. There might be some uncorrupted data in <.db.old> or <.fwl.old> files where you might be able to restore some progress. Delete the <.old> part of the file name to restore that version of your game. 

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