Hong Kong Action Legend Donnie Yen Adds Punch To Latest Apple Privacy Campaign

As we head into WWDC, Apple has enlisted the help of Hong Kong martial arts star Donnie Yen to deliver a blow to folks who might want to snoop around your phone.

The advertisement kicks off with Yen stepping in when an employee attempts to secretly look at a coworker’s iPhone display and saves the day. For the rest of the ad, we see Yen intervening as he stops individuals from prying into the personal shopping and health behaviors of others.

Yen, dressed in black with an Apple logo shaped like a padlock on his chest, is totally in his element for the entire sequence. The jingle of the video riffs off the phrase “don’t wander around me” continually as Yen punishes the anti-privacy perpetrators.

This ad is only available in China as far as we know where Donnie Yen still has a good deal of clout. On the other hand, he’s been a bit of a controversial character in the West but that hasn’t stopped him from producing Ip Man 5 and Flash Point 2.