Here’s Why You Couldn’t Get Tickets To The Dota 2 International In Singapore

With the Dota 2 international currently underway in Singapore, getting tickets to the playoffs was a challenging task. Held at the Suntec Convention Centre, the playoff tickets were sold out immediately upon release which lead to scalpers making a mint on tickets.

We know exactly why that’s the case right now.

dota 2 international Singapore

The venue’s overall capacity is small with an estimated 500 seats available for anyone who was able to secure tickets.

dota 2 international Singapore
dota 2 international Singapore

If you’ve been viewing from home and wonder why the camera angles for the Dota 2 International are generally so closely cropped it’s largely down to the size of the venue. Within the space, as one enters the arena, you’d first be greeted by the Aegis of the Immortal before heading to your seats which face the main stage.

dota 2 international Singapore

The shoutcasters are placed at the back of the room which flank both sides of the venue. It’s a marvel how this was all put together considering the overall lack of space.

As for the merch store, it only will happen when the finals start. For folks who have a ticket, it’s possible to place an order now and collect it at the venue. At one point, the PSG.LGD community was giving out banners and clappers to fans to help hype up the atmosphere.

With the finals taking place on the 29th and 30th of October at the Indoor Stadium, it’ll be a much bigger venue which could also mean a greatly improved atmosphere.

Despite the small space, it has hardly dampened the mood on the ground albeit it might be experienced in a much-contained manner. From the folks we had spoken to outside the Dota 2 International venue in Singapore, some where hoping to get hold of tickets from scalpers but we did not observe any transactions taking place.

All visuals via Timothy Er.