This US$8,200 Game of Thrones-Themed Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Made For The Most Fervent of Fans

Samsung hasn’t been running all that hot lately, following a spate of negative press regarding its Galaxy Fold models. The idea of a foldable phone, while not exactly novel (Motorola, anyone?), does exude some exclusive vibes, and the industry giant seemed to have nailed down on the basics – until news of its unreliable, fragile nature broke.

Production of the foldable smartphone has since been put on the back-burner, and no release date has been announced for its comeback. That isn’t stopping Samsung from giving it the premium treatment, however, as Russian luxury smartphone Caviar steps in with a themed Game of Thrones concept.

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Borrowing elements from the recently concluded Game of Thrones series and the yet-to-be-released Winds of Winter book, the Caviar-led design comes decked out in a glorious hulk of gold, and is shaped like a book.

It’s clever, it’s luxurious, and it’s…catch this, pure gold. Apart from having the Galaxy Fold’s extravagant details glimmer in gold bas-relief brilliance, it also sports a gold clasp when folded. The rest of its body is equally lavish as well – both the front and back panels are adorned with an intricately-crafted bas-relief of the show’s dragons and the Westeros’ house crests, with the rear boasting an elegant, detailed finish of the continent’s map.

Under the hood, the exquisite smartphone operates on a Snapdragon 855 octa-core processor, 12GB of RAM, and 215GB of internal storage – the same specifications as its Samsung counterpart. Accompanying the hardware are a triple rear camera setup, dual-lens front-facing camera, and 4,380mAh of battery power, all packaged into a hefty, bank-breaking US$8,200 price tag. Goodbye, money.

A small consolation comes in the form of Caviar’s more affordable carbon and leather variants, though not by much. Set to sell at US$5,870 and US$6,180 respectively, the models will still remain out of reach for those with a leaner wallet, but those who have placed their order are entitled to free worldwide shipping, at the very least.

Caviar’s Galaxy Fold Game of Thrones Edition has yet to be tied to a launch date, although the luxury brand promises a simultaneous launch with Samsung when the day comes. Now, the question remains: does the phone come with a complete Game of Thrones soundtrack in its music library? It better be so.

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