Hasbro ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Toy Leaks Give Us Best Look At Christain Bale’s Gorr And Cast

Even before Dr. Strange unleashes the multiverse, Thor Odison is looking to one-up the sorcerer supreme. With leaked shots from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends series, we have not a close look at the key Thor: Love and Thunder characters. Leaks have been trickling out the past few months but here is our best look thus far.


Starting off the Gorr, Christian Bale’s character looks too much like Lord Voldermort, and is missing his iconic tendrils.

A bit too simple for our liking, this could also be Moon Knight’s other suit. Wielding what could be the All-Black the Necrosword, this opens up another route for the symbiotes to exist within the present Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jane Foster

The Mjolnir is back and so is Jane Foster! We knew of Natalie Portman’s involvement but this confirms (once again) that she is in possession of the reforged Mjolnir judging by the cracked hammer’s aesthetics.

King Valkyrie

As the ruler of Asgard, Valkyrie has a title upgrade and it seems a new suit as well. It’s a pretty simple figure all around that doesn’t really tell us much sadly.


Our titular hero Thor gets two figures in one wave! The first being “Ravager Thor” which matches the 80s vibe of the movie and the next is something we’re more used to seeing.

Both come with Stormbreaker and seem to sport similar face sculpts as well judging by the chin.


Chris Pratt’s head sculpt is looking pretty odd. Don’t think folks really care much for the “most hated” hero in the MCU. Though, the recent Guardians of the Galaxy game does endear us to his character a lot more.


It looks like growth has slowed a bit for Groot. Looking still like a teenager the last we saw him in End Game, Groot has a blaster rifle and tendrils to complete his character.


Completing the entire set, we have an updated look of Korg with new pants in a similar motif as Ravager Thor. This figure looks pretty sweet overall and we’re looking forward to his quips once again!

We’ll probably see these figs out on Amazon pretty soon!

Thor: Love and Thunder is slated for release 8 July 2022.