Transformers Nemesis

Hasbro Announces 24-Inch Tall Transformers Titan Class Decepticon Nemesis

We do love our Titan Class Transformers toys. Back in 2021, we have the 19-inch tall Autobot Ark, and biggest-ever 27-inch Unicron, and now joining the ranks is none other than the Decepticon spaceship Nemesis, as seen in the G1 cartoons in the ’80s. Hasbro’s Transformers Legacy Evolution Titan Class Decepticon Nemesis stands at 60cm (24 inches) tall in robot mode and converts from ship to robot in 36 steps.

Transformers Nemesis

She comes with 13 awesome accessories – a ship tower, 5 blasters, and 4 Seeker micro figures that plug into ports on the figure’s ship mode. The ship’s wings even split apart to become blaster and axe accessories. Her head also features a “battle mode” which looks reminiscent of the Decepticon insignia when activated.

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The Transformers Legacy Evolution Titan Class Decepticon Nemesis is expected to ship in September 2023 and is currently on pre-order at US$199.99 on Hasbro Pulse US. Fans in Singapore should keep their eyes peeled to The Falcon’s Hangar and RoboRobo for pre-orders to land soon.