Hades Meg Singing Hercules Meg’s Song Is Perhaps The Best Crossover Of 2020

Just when you thought Supergiant Games’ Hades couldn’t get any better, the cast of the game is here to show you that it can. 

Especially since the game is filled to the brim with brilliant voice acting, with each voice actor perfectly embodying the Greek gods, goddesses, and demigods they are acting as. In particular, Avalon Penrose, who voices the intimidating, deadpan, and sultry Fury sister Megaera to perfection. It is no secret that Meg has gained a rather… thirsty group of fans, thanks in no small part to her amazing voice. 

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Christmas might not yet be here yet but Penrose has decided to give her fans an early Christmas gift of sorts with a video on her Twitter of her singing I Won’t Say I’m in Love, the iconic song sung by Meg in Disney’s 1997 Hercules.

Truly the crossover we’ve all been waiting for. 

Early in December, Penrose has even shared some tidbits on how she goes into her Meg voice.

2020 has been a particularly tough year to go through but games like Hades have made the year just a little bit brighter. With its many merits, it is no wonder that Hades has won awards for being the best indie game of the year, amongst others. 

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go loop the video of Penrose singing a few more times.