All Gundam Cafés In Japan Closing Down Permanently After 11 Years

All four of Japan’s Gundam Cafés will be closing down permanently in less than three months. The cafés announced new menu items that recreate food from the anime series just a few days ago, making news of the closure an unexpected surprise.

Beyond just food and drinks, the cafes also offer a wide range of merchandise that made them must-visit places for fans of the Gundam franchise.

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The cafés have been running for 11 years, and a chapter of Gundam history will come to a close. In the announcement, Bandai thanked fans and supporters, and also asked them to look forward to their next project. No reason has been specified for the closure. However, the cafés, according to prior announcements, did have to shorten operational hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The last day for Gundam Café Osaka will be 10 January 2022, while Gundam Café Tokyo Brand Core, Gundam Café Odaiba, and Gundam Café Fukuoka will be taking their last orders on 30 January 2022. The café at Gundam Factory Yokohoma, a limited-time attraction, will be in operation until 31 March 2022.

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