Guardian Tales Game Releases Events With 10 Free Summons Daily

Immerse yourself in an adventure RPG game filled with challenging puzzles, and raid or challenge others in the Arena or Colosseum to receive rewards or simply enjoy the entertaining storyline weaved in with Kong Studio’s Guardian Tales.

Recently launched on their global server, Guardian Tales received huge praises for their addictive gameplay and will be holding some events in celebration of that success.

One attractive part of the game is definitely the hundreds of weapons and 50 heroes to collect. Each hero comes with an exciting character design rendered into intricate 2D illustrations. And in answer to their players’ love for these designs, the game will be releasing a Summoning Event whereby players can get 10 Free summons per day from 26 August to 30 August 2020.

Guardians will get to choose any summoning type they wish to have, be it from the Pick-up banner or Normal Summon for Heroes and Weapons alike.

Moreover, Guardian Tales will be releasing an exciting new story event, Once Upon a Time in Burywood. In it, players will get to collect points from story stages and rifts to exchange for rewards. Until 8 September, Guardians will also get a chance to summon the newly released character, Dragon Avatar Vishuvac along with her exclusive weapon, Volcanic Horn.

And if that isn’t exciting enough, the game will also be holding a community event, Rachel’s Treasure Hunt that will run till 10 September. Guardians can participate by voting your desired coordinates on the map and the most popular vote will be dug up. Five random lucky players will even receive a bonus reward!

With all these exciting Guardian Tales events lined up, its the best time now to hop into the game and join the community there! Guardian tales can be downloaded in the App Store or Play Store. You can also connect with the community online via the Official Facebook Page or Official Discord channel.