GTA V Teases Alien Base

With Grand Theft Auto V only just released, there are many people hunting for secrets. No sign of Bigfoot yet for the San Andreas players out there. The biggest mystery so far involves Mount Chiliad. The rumour being it holds an alien base. Lets take a look at some evidence.

The Map in the Cable Car.

The map here clearly shows passages and rooms inside Mount Chiliad. Two passages on the left and right lead to the outside of the mountain. Nothing has been found yet. At the top there seems to be a hovering UFO. Around Mount Chiliad you can find multiple pictures of this hovering craft. The first being on the viewing deck at the top of the mountain. Another is carved into a rock at the base of the mountain.

Evidence of a secret alien base?

Underwater UFO

If you start exploring the sea in your nifty mini submarine you might come across… a crashed UFO. No bodies found but this craft can be referenced back to the Mount Chiliad drawing.

The truth is around somewhere…

Ice Alien

Finally an actual alien body. Frozen in a river. This can only be found in the prologue mission.

Trapped Under Ice!

The investigation into Mount Chiliad continues…