It’s been two months since the much-anticipated release of the Nintendo Switch, the game console-handheld hybrid that has fans purring with praise for its flagship game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as well as cursing it for some truly baffling quality-of-life decisions.

The inability (now fixed!) to save your credit card info aside, many (Nintendo fanboys) agree that the Switch is living up to its promise, especially with more games to come on the horizon. However, other than the wonderfully coloured Joy-cons (Neon Red/Blue/Yellow), the Switch does look kind of bland. The dock can be decorated with a sleeve that serves more than just as eye-candy, but the main console is ripe for users to show their creativity, just like Clown TV did with his Super Famicom/SNES Switch!

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It seems inevitable that Nintendo would eventually jump on this customization bandwagon, in order to prompt fans to buy more of their consoles. If the quality is anywhere near what Clown TV has achieved, consider my wallet open and ready!

This is simply amazing, but this is the level we have come to expect from someone who has also customised his Wii U to similarly awesome results:

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