‘Godzilla Minus One’ Director Teases Potential Sequel

Godzilla Minus One was a surprise box-office hit with its gritty portrayal of post-war Japan, terrifying new threats, and compelling characters. Its ending set up a potential sequel, with more monsters lurking in the depths after Godzilla’s return was hinted at. Director Takashi Yamazaki has expressed interest in making a second movie, as reported by Empire.

godzilla minus one sequel

Minus One’s bittersweet ending is the “calm before the storm, and the characters have not yet been forgiven for what has been imposed upon them,” said Yamazaki in an interview, teasing more sources of conflict to come, “I would certainly like to see what the sequel would look like.”

godzilla minus one sequel

And it looks like we could see more kaiju drama, as Yamazaki is up for the challenge. ” I don’t know that anyone has pulled off a more serious tone of kaiju-versus-kaiju with human drama, and that challenge is something that I’d like to explore.”

The film has grossed approximately U$106 million at the box office and was the first Godzilla film to be nominated for an Academy Award. With Minus One’s success and a likely sequel in the works, fans are looking forward to Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, which crashes into cinemas on 29 March 2024.