Go Bananas With Cold Stone Creamery’s Despicably Adorable Minions-Themed Desserts

If you’ve always wanted to go ba-ba-bananas with Illumination’s Minions, now you can!

From June 15 to July 31, 2019, Cold Stone Creamery in Singapore will be selling its limited-edition Go Bananas! ice-cream set (S$16.90) and Minions Jailbreak Cake with 10 new designs based on the adorable Minions from the Despicable Me movie franchise. 

Exclusive only to Cold Stone Creamery, there will only be 500 cups available in Singapore. Each cup will be filled with freshly-made creamy Banana & Blue Sweet Cream ice cream, topped with fresh banana, Kit Kat, and Duo Choco Flakes.

For those who bought a pint of Cold Stone’s Minion A La Mode and wish to DIY their own Go Bananas! Ice-cream set at home, here’s how,

  1. Scoop out a ball of Minions A La Mode ice cream out of the pint and gently place it in your Go Bananas! Collectable cup (or any cup of your choice).
  2. Sprinkle your favourite toppings over the ice cream. Cold Stone Creamery recommends chocolate toppings such as Kit Kat or Choco flakes.
  3. Call a friend over to enjoy the ice cream treat together or have it all to yourself. 

If you wish to bring these despicably adorable yellow critters home for a celebration, now you can with a Minions Jailbreak Cake. It comes in 10 designs, with 9 different flavours to choose from:

  • Cookies & Creamery
  • Cake Batter Confetti
  • Coffee House Crunch
  • Daddy’s Mojo
  • Mmmmmmint Chip
  • Midnight Delight
  • Peanut Butter Playground
  • Strawberry Passion
  • Purple Paradise

The ice cream cakes are available in 6-inch squares (for 12-14 pax) at S$65 nett, or 7-inch square (for 16-18 pax) at S$90 nett. Do note that the cakes must be ordered at least 5 working days in advance.

Receive a Minions Escape Card with every purchase of a Go Bananas! ice cream set or a Minions Jailbreak Cake. Help the Minions navigate through the maze and stand to win various attractive prizes such as Minion Woven Bags or other Cold Stone Creamy merchandise. 

For those who wish to enjoy their Go Bananas! Collectable cup in a suitably Minion-esque shop, Vivocity’s Cold Stone Creamery Storefront will be taking on a Minion-themed design from June 15 to July 31 2019.