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Go Back In Time With These Mesmerizing Pixel Art Of Singapore

Retro games have made a big comeback in the past few years. Even though we are no longer constrained to 8-bit art when making games, there are now newer games that specifically uses this pixelated art style to create an older, retro feeling to their games. The same can be said in the illustration world. Nostalgia is a big part of many illustrators’ works these days. Elvin Ong is no different, but he puts his own spin on things that made his works absolutely memorable.

This resurgence of older things, of missing what was once there, is mostly because of the fast, everchanging landscape of our world. What better place that reflects this fact than Singapore, an island that keeps on growing and changing so fast, that there’s never a day where you don’t see construction being done. It makes sense then to combine this retro, pixel art with Singapore’s landscape. Ong has created some beautiful animated pixel art of familiar, quintessentially Singaporean skylines.

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Doesn’t this just fill you with so much nostalgia? The choice of warm earth tones, combined with the magnificently blue sky makes you think of the times when you were younger and all the shenanigans you were up to with your friends at the void deck. The art is made more lively by animating certain parts of the image. Clouds are rolling through the skies, birds are flying by, and plants are swaying in the wind.

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It’s not just older HDB buildings that Ong has recreated. He didn’t forget about the more modern part of Singapore. Some might even recognize where exactly these buildings are.

Ong’s most recent work is especially delightful.  In honor of Singapore’s 53rd birthday, Ong created this image of a typical Singaporean balcony. There’s a bald uncle wearing a white tank top, looking over the balcony. There are plants by the door, a typical way for Singaporeans to liven up their front porch. And of course, you can’t forget about the flag hanging off the balcony, a sight that can be seen every year when National Day comes by.

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Look out for even more of Elvin Ong’s work on his Tumblr or Facebook page.

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