Gloomhaven Exits Beta With Full Release Available Now On PC

After close to 3 years in early access and development, Gloomhaven is now available on Steam and GOG as a full release.

For folks who’ve played XCOM on the PC, you’re gonna feel right at home with this title. The difficulty is brutal as well and dying is simply just part of the game.

Having played the game a bit with friends, the polish is apparent and time has certainly been well spent. The game feels tight with its ability animations and you’d want to give your friends virtual high-fives when a critical blow lands.

The best part? There’s little need to set up the board or explaining the game to friends before their first session. This helps speed up the downtime and lets players leap into the game immediately.

Your own foe still remains – conflicting and scheduling issues. But, that’s just part of life and gaming as an adult.

Gloomhaven is now available on Steam and GOG.

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