Ghostbusters World Will Have You Catching Ghosts Instead of Pokemon

If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood..

Who you gonna call?

Not the ghostbusters this time, because you’ll be doing the job instead – or at least when augmented reality (AR) mobile game Ghostbusters World rolls around.

Scheduled for release in 2018, the game features Pokemon Go-esque elements, such as the all-too-familiar battle-and-capture concept, and location-based gameplay.

Taking up the mantle of a ghostbuster are the players, who will hunt and collect “specters, poltergeists, full-roaming vapoirs, and more”, as stated on its official Facebook account.

Ghostbusters World: Pre-Alpha gameplay footage

Sneak peek at the pre-alpha gameplay footage!Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for more information!#GhostbustersWorld #GhostbustersAR #Ghostbusters #sneakpeek

Posted by Ghostbusters World on Monday, February 26, 2018

While little of the Ghostbusters-inspired title is known, a glimpse of the pre-alpha gameplay can be gleaned. The short 11-second reel shows a Slimer succumbing to the famous proton pack, before being successfully caught in a ghost trap – a nod to the items’ appearances in the above trailer.

There’s a trade-off: it seems like players can only lay down a ghost trap after bring down the enemy’s HP bar to where the ‘trap’ marker is.

The collaboration project between Sony Pictures Entertainment Consumer Products, Ghost Corps, and publisher FourThirtyThree Inc. has yet to announce a ballpark release date. Updates can be found on the game’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, with more information to be released at the Game Developers Conference in March 2018.

If you are headed to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, however, then here’s your chance to have a shot at its demo sessions – for Spain’s looking a whole lot spookier than usual!

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