Get Prehistoric At The Walking with Dinosaurs – The Live Experience In Singapore!

Our fascination with those that came before has never truly left us. It is in our nature to find out what happened to the dinosaurs and why they became extinct in the first place – or even just to watch it unfold before our eyes in BBC’s documentary miniseries Walking with Dinosaurs, which premiered back in 2000.

This time, the iconic and spectacular creatures from the days of yore arrive once again on Singapore soil in the Walking with Dinosaurs – The Live Experience at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, after its initial showing back in 2010.

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Walking With Dinosaurs Live 1

Based on the aforementioned award-winning documentary show, you’ll get to see the dinosaurs up close as they walk, breathe and even fight among each other in a narrated story by Huxley, the show’s paleontologist, in an arena-sized set in the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Walking With Dinosaurs Live 2

Some of the highlights in the Walking with Dinosaurs – The Live Experience include the tussle between the herbivorous Stegosaurus against its natural enemy, the Allosaurus; the towering 11-metre-tall, 17-metre-long Brachiosaurus; and the head-butting scuffle between two Torosaurus. 

Accompanying the action of these majestic prehistoric creatures are some eye-catching special effects, including prop foliage and vegetation, lighting, sound and even pyrotechnics to reflect the primal conditions of the setting, for your immersive enjoyment.

The Walking with Dinosaurs – The Live Experience is happening now, from August 29 to September 8, 2019. Ticket prices will range from S$78 onwards, and the shows will take place from Tuesday to Sunday each week. You can book your tickets on the official Sports Hub website.

Here are the full details on the Walking with Dinosaurs – The Live Experience:

Dates: 29 August – 8 September 2019
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium (Nearest MRT: Stadium)
Performance Times: Tuesday – Friday (7pm) ; Saturday – Sunday (10.30am, 2.30pm, 6.30pm)
Ticket Price: From S$78 (excluding S$4 booking fee)