‘Gen V’ Season 2 Casts Hamish Linklater As Godolkin University’s New Dean

Godolkin University is under new management in Gen V Season 2, following the death of previous dean Indira Shetty (Shelley Conn), and Hamish Linklater (Midnight Mass) steals the spotlight in a charming new role.

gen v hamish linklater

Linklater plays Dean Cipher, “the charismatic and charming newly-appointed Dean of Godolkin University. Trained as a scientist, he’s politically brilliant, and has the trust and admiration of officials at the highest level.” More casting announcements are expected to follow in the next few weeks, as production starts up again this month.

Production on Season 2 of Gen V, the spinoff series of The Boys, was delayed after actor Chance Perdomo’s death, and his role would not be recast, with the production crew taking extra time to work his death into the storyline.

In the meantime, Season 4 of The Boys will release on Amazon Prime Video on 13 June, raising the stakes with Homelander getting to shine and Billy Butcher having only months to live, so there’s plenty of new content to tide fans over until Gen V Season 2 drops.