Geek Test: We Printed Incredible A2 Prints Using Photos Taken With The iPhone 13 Pro Max

You have to see it to believe it.

Much has been said by Apple, or any other smartphone maker on the photographic prowess of their smartphone cameras, from high megapixel count, larger size sensors to lenses forged with some of the biggest names in the camera business, and who can blame them? Consumers love and depend greatly on the cameras they have in their pockets, hence the need for something powerful and dependable.

After we watched Apple reveal the new iPhone 13 models, we sat down and thought about what the company said about their new iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models – having the best in class smartphone cameras in the market, with the most advanced pro camera system ever on the iPhone. There’s their biggest advancement ever with new Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto cameras, which help capture stunning photos and video.

But what else can any smartphone maker say, that their latest device offers impressive new photo capabilities never before possible.

So we decided to push the limits of the camera, and put them to the test. We grabbed the iPhone 13 Pro Max, invited Barry Seah aka Motorgrapher, a Singapore based photographer who is known for his motorcycle portraits, as well as digital fantasy prints using the photos that he takes, to answer a simple question – can the photos taken with the iPhone 13 Pro Max be used to deliver an amazing A2 print photo.

As an added bonus, we also decided to film this process with an iPhone 13 Pro, so you can ask see the results of Apple’s latest and greatest. On paper, the camera module on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are the same, so the results should be identical, and we wanted to also showcase that if you’re looking for an upgrade, you don’t have the get the iPhone 13 Pro Max for the best camera, as the iPhone 13 Pro offers the same camera capabilities.

And the results speak for themselves.