Geek Review: Son of a Witch

Adventurer’s Log – Entry #1

My first adventure as a knight begins today! Mustering up my courage, I venture forth into the unknown, with my trusty longsword in hand. I’m lucky that the village is filled with friendly, helpful warriors who are more than willing to pass down their words of wisdom to me; because of them, I now have the added advantage of knowing a deadlier way of attacking enemies, of understanding the best time to use items like potions and bombs, before I even set off.

But the best protection, perhaps, comes in the form of a tome floating on a slab of stone. Apparently, my mom (who’s apparently someone very special) has left that behind for me as a form of blessing, and so I shall use it to my fullest advantage.

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Off into the forest I go, quaking in my boots from fear. The sensation slowly dissipates, however, as the earlier spell takes effect, with attacking goblins around me frozen in place. I land the first hit of my short-lived career (only 10 minutes in!), and the rush of exhilaration sets in. It’s frankly a very thrilling affair.

Die goblins, die!

Adventurer’s Log – Entry #2

As it turns out, the club-wielding minions are the least of my worries. After spilling more blood along the way, I’m face-to-face with their other friends. Those armed with battle axes start throwing them in my direction, adding to the whirlwind of relentless scimitar assault that’s already headed for the same path. The voodoo doll-holding mage, in particular, is exceptionally, unbelievably frustrating.

Managing to defeat the horde with a looted scimitar from one of the dead bodies, I forge on, only to be bested by another incoming wave of enemies. Seems like it’s time to pick up a new strategy.

Die goblins, die, but with a little more difficulty!

Adventurer’s Log – Entry #3

Today, the tome set my enemies on fire. Making use of the chance to execute a self-invented combo, I line up a flurry of rapid attacks first to stun, before stomping on them as they fall to the ground. One last stab from the back, and it’s another victory.

Sweeeeet, it works like a charm. What’s even better are the added potion advantages; my rage now refills at twice the rate, and it sure feels good to have it charge up so fast after unleashing the special move on a particularly persistent mob. Other times, I’d drink unknown liquids to know more about them, but at the risk of catching on negative effects.

A safer method of identification is by means of identification scrolls, but that means I’d need to drop something from my inventory if there’s insufficient space. Thanks, but no thanks.

I wish I could enslave the goblins.

Adventurer’s Log – Entry #4

Treasure. Chests. Are. The. Best. Ever. Well, until I start running out of keys and bombs to destroy doors, after which the general shop is the next best bet. I say bet, because the availability of items depends on luck, and mine’s usually on the bad side.

These darn goblins are starting to look the same.

Adventurer’s Log – Entry #5

What luck, a legendary sword stands in front of me! Deciding to trade in my health points for its power, I trudge forward to defeat the first boss. It’s easily a one-sided match; the surge in strength allowing for devastating blows, buoyed by its lingering effect to set targets on fire. The final rewards are indeed worth the blood, sweat, and tears – victory has never been sweeter.

Dragged down by bone-deep exhaustion, I quickly succumb to the attacking armies in the next location. The layout’s more complicated, with various traps scattered around, and waves of enemies striking harder than before. Sometimes, the numbers overwhelm.

Despite everything, I think I’ve put up a pretty damn fine performance. But no goblin has bowed to me. Not yet.

Adventurer’s Log – Entry #6

Say hello to my new best friend! From the four different pets, I’m all in for this black little furry fella here who can land some attacks on the opposing forces. According to the shop owner, the current selection will be swapped out for another one once the day ends, which means a time-slowing snail today, and a poison-inflicting pet tomorrow.

Right. No need for mindless goblins anymore.

Adventurer’s Log – Entry #7

Dude!!!! I have defeated the biggest, baddest guy in the castle! One more proud achievement to add to my chronicles 😉

I wonder if my pet wants a goblin of his own.

Adventurer’s Log – Entry #8

You know the saying, kindness begets kindness? After escorting a lady to her desired destination, her brother and I are now friends! Safe travels, Amanda!

The pet keeps staring at me. Need to switch it out.

Adventurer’s Log – Entry #9

I’m gathering 100 arrows for the resident archer today, and he’s willing to offer his help in exchange. Coolio, could always do with more variety in attacking styles. Now that there’s a master of each combat style in my circle of allies (melee, magic, and ranged), everything looks to be on the right track.

The pets are starting to look the same.

Adventurer’s Log – Entry #10

Once again, I’m reminded that I am, at heart, a warrior. Eager to experiment with other attacking forms, I decided to swap out my trusty sword for a staff earlier, and it’s certainly not going to end well.

I relish close combat because of the adrenaline rush, and the thrill that sets in while flirting with danger. Using magic-infused weapons is a different experience: it’s great when my attacks can reach the opposing troops and theirs can’t, but when they are hordes of them, well. Cue lots of running and dodging on less powerful attack fire, and plenty of launching spells from a distance.

Mana potions are quite difficult to come by as well, so everything’s a solid 1/10 (will not recommend). Passiveness is totally, truly, not my cup of tea.

Donning on the archer outfit is unexpectedly more fun. With arrows packing a bit more punch than spells, and the lack of need to consume mana beyond what’s needed, I may actually consider taking up the bow for one of my next adventures. For now, though, I’m content as a knight – it’s probably my true calling (haha, I kid).

Can my pet collect arrows from the field?

Adventurer’s Log – Entry #11

Adventuring is fun, and I love it. Sometimes, it does get a little monotonous doing the same thing, though – exploring the whole map to find all the chests, shops, and special weapons; squaring off against a wave of relentless enemies; heading back into the castle, stuff like that.

Hence, my decision to switch up the exploration route today. One of the kind souls in the village has agreed to lend me his gear for a short while, so that I can embark on a linear journey to other areas. I have a feeling that his equipment is more superior, because brawling has never felt so easy for me. I even managed to get past the final castle guard, and I’m still in shocked disbelief over that.

I guess simply heading forth does come with a different sense of adventure and fun. There’s no pressure to explore other places, which is perfect for a more relaxed day (like now), and a higher likelihood of coming across better loot and sale items. Time to go on this path more often!

Adventurer’s Log – Entry #12

Welp, the shopkeeper in town teasingly asked me to attempt the most treacherous of all paths. I’ve no idea what past me was thinking, but I took up the challenge, and now the taste of regret has never been stronger.

After a few intense face-offs, I’ve unsurprisingly resolved to bow out of battle. Although it’s been an interesting experience, it’d be a cold day in hell before trying it out again.

Adventurer’s Log – Entry #13

Having a party to rely on is great. Upon an earlier request from a team of three, I’m now a new member. Together, we are going to wage war, ravage the opposing forces, and come out victorious.

Okay, perhaps that’s a bit exaggerated. The point remains that everything’s so much easier with allies watching your six, especially when everyone unleashes their ultimate attacks at the same time. For the first time ever, I’ve reached the entrance to the catacombs, where a lot of tough undead enemies are supposedly laying in wait.

With exhaustion setting into our bones after a whole day of chest-hunting and battle adrenaline, we’ve decided to continue the adventure tomorrow – all except this dude, who’s planning to test his mettle against other warriors in the battle arena. Crazy fellow, that one.

Adventurer’s Log – Entry #14

The time has come for us to head into the catacombs. I don’t know what to expect, but the others have been rather reliable so far. Hopefully, we can unearth the ancient goblin artefact soon. Till then!

Son of a Witch is available on Steam at S$10.00 for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. 



With the right balance of solo, co-op and versus play, Son of a Witch is certainly a delightful charm of a game. Its lighthearted nature doesn’t allow for much depth in storytelling, but the adorable aesthetics, simple game mechanics, and casual fun more than makes up for that. If you’re looking to have a good time, this is what you should be looking out for – be warned, however, for it can be quite the challenge for newcomers. Tread on, brave warrior.

  • Gameplay - 8/10
  • Story - 7/10
  • Presentation - 8.5/10
  • Value - 9/10
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