Geek Review: Nikon Z8

How do you improve on a well loved mirrorless camera? If you’re Nikon, you make it smaller still. The new Z8 is a smaller and lighter version of its popular Z9 model, packed with the same features and functionality, including 8.3k video and 12-bit ProRes 4K, 6K, and 4K 120, but in a body that is 30% smaller and significantly lighter, weighing just 990 grams.

While there were expectations for a 60MP (megapixel) sensor, the Z8 offers a smaller 45MP one that still impresses as performance here is nearly identical to 2018’s Z7, with the exception of some recording limits based on battery power. Despite this minor drawback, the Z8 is a phenomenal system with no significant flaws.

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With a rear display that articulates the same as that on the Z9, the Z8 also comes with the brightest EVF on the market, going up to 3,000 lumens, making it perfect for low-light photography and video. The autofocus system has also been improved and can now detect planes and cockpits.


We took a unit out for a spin, and as you can see, this camera has everything you need to capture high-quality images and footage.

Pricing for the unit has not been released. Watch our full review above.