Geek Review: Ergotune Supreme Ergonomic Office Chair

The pandemic has most people secluded in the comfort of their homes where working from home and home-based learning has become the new norm for everyone.

And as homes upgrade their work and study set-up with new laptops, keyboards and other peripherals, one thing that few consider is the chair they sit on. An IKEA or off-rack chair might be enough for the occasional use, but what about sitting down for hours on end, like at the office? 

Sure, there are several gaming chairs out there, but not every home is suitable for an oversized chair, and that’s where the Ergotune Supreme, the latest model of ergonomic chairs that Ergo Edge released. With a metal frame and mesh seat, backrest and headrest, the Supreme looks and feels like a proper office chair built for comfort, and at a price that’s friendlier than some of the more well-known ones out there.

Starting from the top, there is the TriTune headrest, which is unique to the Ergotune Supreme line. The C-shaped rest is more of a neck rest that is height adjustable, helping owners fix their posture more effectively. You can choose to have the back of your head rest on the TriTune, or have the arch cradle the curve of your neck, assisting in avoiding neck pains, or by supporting your head as well as your upper spinal column through better sitting posture.

The headrest can be adjusted according to the comfort of the user, but one thing that should be mentioned is that a lot of elbow grease has to be inserted for you to do so. We had a tough time finding the right height for the headrest because the mechanism was rather stiff which creates a rather loud noise, but once that’s figured out, the comfort level is exponential. 

Ergotune Supreme recently created an upgraded version of the TriTune headrest where the headrest can go even lower than the original headrest to accommodate users of the shorter build (155cm and below). The chair with the new headrest will be in stocks by July 2021 but you don’t have to wait until then to purchase your own Ergotune Supreme, as you may request a free swap for the upgraded headrest once it enters the market. 

The GyroBrace 5D Armrest is another feature that is interesting in this line of Ergotune chairs. The Ergotune Classic line is only able to sport a 4D armrest where users can control the height, depth, width and angle of the chair by sliding the armrest to different sides (front, back, left, right). The Supreme line takes it up a notch by having the option to swing the armrest out extending it to cater to all arm movements to ensure comfort to its consumers.

However, as much as this extended feature is beneficial, it can be a bother. The mechanism that allows it to swing out has no lock that keeps it still. Thus, if you decide to move the chair, don’t grab it by the armrest and don’t put your weight on the armrest in a way that will have it swing out unintentionally.

The height of the chair’s arm can be adjusted with the button found below the armrest.

When it comes to comfort, the Ergotune Supreme is all about it. The backrest of the chair is a feature found in all Ergotune chairs that have been released. The Auto Tuning Lumber Area Support (ATLAS) backrest shifts automatically to support the user’s natural spine curvature through its built-in mechanism and its ability to adjust its height. There’s enough pressure being placed on your backside to ensure that a healthy posture is maintained throughout the usage of the chair. 

If you suffer from bad sitting habits, the first few days of being on the Ergotune Supreme could be torturous as the chair ensures that you stay upright for a healthy spine. 

Additionally, another factor that contributes to the overall comfort of the ergonomic chair is its mesh material. Ergotune’s DuraWeave Hybrid Mesh allows for better ventilation, offering a breathable sitting experience. The tiny holes in the fabric prohibit heat to get trapped which is beneficial for those who intend to spend long hours being seated.

The material of the chair is not at all rough and itchy, especially to the skin. If you intend to wear shorts, jeans or whatever clothing you prefer, it remains pleasant to sit on. Also, the fabric of the seat is taut when sat on and can withstand weight up to 150kg due to the blend of fabric and polyester that makes it a stronger mesh. 

A feature that most gaming chairs offer, and few office chairs have, is the ability for the chair to recline and Ergotune Supreme, despite looking like an office chair, has that as well. The chair can tilt back to 136 degrees, an angle fit for a good nap when taking breaks from the agendas of the day.

However, if you are of a smaller build, the tension of the recline might not allow you to easily lean back. A lot of pressure would need to be inserted into the backrest to have it recline according to the user’s comfort. A good thing would be that once you have found the right angle of recline, you may lock it in place by rotating the knob forward which is found on the left side of the chair underneath the seat.

The wheels on the Ergotune Supreme is smooth, in a way that it only moves if a specific amount of force is used on the chair so that unintended movements are avoided. The chair is specifically designed for those whose height is between 150cm and 190cm, it is a chair fit for everyone.

The Ergotune Supreme comes in two different colours, Charcoal Black and Coral Red, with a price of S$599. For all the attributes and benefits that the chair possesses, it is worth considering having one for yourself. The chair also does come with 10 to 12 years of warranty, which applies only to the functionality of the chair.



With its innovative design and well-thought-out ergonomics, the Ergotune Supreme is breathable and comfortable, especially when spending extensive hours at the desk. 


  • Aesthetics - 6/10
  • Build Quality - 8.5/10
  • Features - 9/10
  • Performance - 8.5/10
  • Geek Satisfaction - 8/10