Geek Review: Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Whenever the word ‘Dyson’ is brought up, one of two things will probably spring to mind.

There’s the news of Dyson’s boss James Dyson purchasing an extremely pricey penthouse and bungalow in Singapore, or the thought of many cool looking, but undeniably pricey products in Dyson’s product line-up. 

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Last year, Dyson released its Dyson Cyclone V10 which greatly improved on the Dyson V8 model. Till now, it remains the best cordless vacuum cleaner to get for your home or office, as long as you have the cash to spare. 

This year, Dyson released the brand new Dyson V11 Absolute and though it has been only a year since the release of the V10, this new model does bring with it significant improvements, in both design and battery life, making the bothersome task of vacuuming the house now a much easier one. 

At a glance, the V11 looks fairly similar to the V10, as it retains much of the same design elements – a big tube-shaped design which houses both the bin and the motor. One of the bigger changes made to the V11 is the addition of an LCD screen, as well as a new V11 motor, which is capable of delivering more power than the V10. This essentially means that the suction capabilities in the V11 will be much better than the V10. 

Now you might be wondering, what on earth is an LCD screen doing on a vacuum cleaner. But once you start using the V11, the LCD screen starts making a lot more sense. For one, now you can easily change between three different modes using the LCD screen: Eco (for better battery life), Medium (for general use), and Boost (for when you need that extra bit of power to clean something particularly difficult). The LCD also helps to give an indication of exactly how much battery is left in the V11 while you are using it. 

The battery of the V11 Absolute is a fixed unit, meaning that once you have used up all the juice in the battery, you will need to charge the V11. A full charge will take roughly four hours, which seems like a really long time, especially considering the vacuum will only last for an hour at the most on Eco mode. 

Much like the V10, the V11 also comes with a wall-mountable charging dock which looks just like the one for the V10, including two ports to hold accessories that aren’t in use. The V11’s charging dock is just a little wider to accommodate the bigger battery in the vacuum. 

Perhaps the best addition to the V11 is the Dynamic Load Sensor on the new High Torque Cleaner Head. When in Auto mode, the sensor will be able to detect when the user changes from one floor surface, such as a wooden or marble floor, to another, say a carpeted surface. This helps the V11 to instantaneously select the best possible mode needed to help conserve battery power. 

If the sheer amount of accessories have you wondering where to start, then aside from the High Torque Cleaner Head, you can try using the Soft Roller Cleaner Head which is engineered to work best on hard floors, sucking up fine dust and debris simultaneously, as well as the Mini Motorised Tool which is best for sucking up fibre and dirt in tight spaces such as stairs or inside your car. 

Attaching and removing the various accessories for the V11 remains as simple as ever, with a simple mechanism locking the attached nozzle in place for vacuuming. Plus, did we mention that the V11 looks like a cool space gun blaster with the Quick-Release Crevice Tool attached. Very geeky, we likey. 

With regards to the improved suction power of the V11, we decided to put it to the test with cereal and biscuit crumbs on a carpeted surface. To no one’s surprise, the V11 worked extremely well sucking most of the crumbs up in one single swipe while in Medium mode. Where there were crumbs that stubbornly clung to the carpet, we simply switched to Boost mode and the problem was solved. 

Of course, all good things come at a price, and with the Dyson V11 Absolute, the price is steep indeed, at a whopping S$999. That is almost a thousand dollars for a vacuum cleaner. Granted, it is a cordless one that works splendidly in helping you clean your house, but it is still a thousand dollars nonetheless. 

Though we have to say, with how well the Dyson works, if you are willing to fork out that amount of money, it will definitely be a worthwhile investment. 



A definite improvement from the V10, the V11 also comes with impressive additions such as a new accessory and a neat little LCD screen. It is definitely worth the buy, if you can afford to pay its steep price tag.

  • Aesthetics - 9/10
  • Build Quality - 9/10
  • Performance - 8/10
  • Value - 7/10
  • Geek Satisfaction - 8/10
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