Geek Review: Amazon Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

I recently got to try out Amazon’s new “easy-to-open packaging” with the release of the highly sought after Star Wars Remote Control Ultimate Millennium Falcon Quad Drone by Air Hogs. There was a short window of opportunity last month when the item went on a special price of US$49.99, down from the original price of US$109.99. And best of all, it even qualifies for FREE shipping to Singapore for orders above US$125! Since then, the drone has been selling at a much higher price, and no longer ships to Singapore.

So what’s with the sweet price of US$49.99? It seems the item doesn’t come in its original packaging, which looks like this:


Instead, it comes in a re-packed “Amazon Certified Frustration-Free Packaging” which is meant to be easy to open, recyclable and protects the product well. This visual helps explain the concept:


So in my recent order, I originally didn’t even realize that it was the drone in the small and compact packaging.


Till I noticed the sticker on the top-right hand corner.


Sure enough, it was a breeze to open, and I was pleasantly surprised at how so much effort was put in to create a customized packaging specific to the product. Just look at this.


There is no need to mess around with frustratingly packed toys, like how some are bounded to the cardboard backing by 101 cable ties and tape.


As advertised, the contents of the box were removed within seconds, 100% frustration-free. I am one very satisfied geek.


Two thumbs up to Amazon for the compact, customized packaging. It serves its purpose well, and judging from how the product was priced down by 50%, I’d give up on the fancy original manufacturer’s packaging any day, especially if you’re looking to opening it up for display and playing with the product. But if you’re the kind of geek who is buying it as a collectible to keep sealed in its original fancy packaging, or for gifting/reselling, then this option probably not for you.

But if this is any indication on the kind of savings one can get from buying an item with the Frustration-Free Packaging, who could resist? The only downside is, one would have to leave it to chance and camp on Amazon.com for such deals, as this offer only stood for about a day before it sold out!