Geek Preview: 'Songs of Conquest' Absolutely Captures The Magic Of Turn-Based Strategy

Geek Preview: ‘Songs of Conquest’ Absolutely Captures The Magic Of Turn-Based Strategy

Strategy games are pretty much a common sight in the PC gaming space, and the genre runs the gamut from fantasy settings to the sci-fi future. However, instead of focusing on intense action at every moment, Coffee Stain Publishing and Lavapotion‘s Songs of Conquest is bringing back the good old turn-based experience, and is delivering an addictive cycle of exploration, management, and bloody combat.

Songs of Conquest - Management

The first look at Songs of Conquest might elicit fond memories of the Heroes of Might and Magic series, and that’s a good thing. If you are looking for a certain degree of depth wrapped in an immersive and engaging package, and that amazing art style, then get ready to lose hours upon hours in this new world.

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In the world of Songs of Conquest, players take the lead as Wielders, magical users that function as your hero units on the world map and in battles. As an avatar of your control, these Wielders can pick up valuable resources, interact with objects of interest, and get into battles. It helps that the 2.5D style of presentation pops visually, bringing to life a colourful world that is just prime for exploration, and enhanced further by excellent animation that makes all of your units unique and alive in their own regard.

When the time comes for armed resolution, the game also shines quite brightly. A variety of biomes and environment configurations figure heavily into your preparation, as you line up your units to take advantage of any terrain bonuses. Heights allow units to deal more damage, so that can be a consideration, and once you are ready, the true battle begins.

Songs of Conquest - Combat

Based on the initiative value of each unit, units will get their turn to make their move, whether it is to navigate to a better position, or get close enough to attack. Songs of Conquest does well in providing vital information for players to make informed decisions, and it allows for true tacticians to show off their prowess.

The level of depth provided should also be satisfying for those looking for a deeper layer of engagement with the game’s mechanics. Zones of control can effectively create chokeholds to ward off enemy advances, while ranged combat can become even more dangerous by utilising effective range.

Your Wielder’s mastery of magic will help as well, drawing magic points from the units that make up your army, and paving the way for powerful spells to do their thing. That also means that army composition is another caveat, where sheer numbers sometimes mean little against a well-put-together force uniquely positioned to make the most of magical enhancements in Songs of Conquest.

Outside of combat, economy balancing will be another area in which would-be conquerors will have to learn to master. This doesn’t just cover your resources, but also how you would go about resupplying your troop numbers and composition. It is hard to fight a war, but even harder when you need to take into consideration distances and potential counterattacks that can leave you without a place to call home.

At this current stage, Songs of Conquest is a great recommendation for those looking to dive deep into a game that offers plenty of strategic goodness, wonderful visuals, as well as swift and utterly fun battles. The Early Access state means that there are still some ways to go for a final release, but judging from everything that is already available so far, this could well be a tune that would be sung for ages.