Geek Giveaway: Star Wars Battlefront PC Digital Downloads

[UPDATE 1 December 2015: Winner Announcement! Congratulations to Jean Hee and Morris Seng, you have each won a PC Digital Download of Star Wars Battlefront! Please check your email for your prize.]

A dollar saved is a dollar earned. As gamers are on a continual lookout for affordable PC games, rarely do launch titles waver far from their standard retail price. The best way to shave a few dollars off would be to look for discount coupons or pre-order prices with select retailers. New kid on the block, CDKeyplus, based in Singapore, is confident in providing the cheapest PC games or they will refund the difference back.

Fast forward to 2015, and despite the advancement of technology and digital distribution, prices for PC games have not fallen but in fact risen over the years. Compound in the fact that Steam now charges games in your local currency resulting in very minor differences in prices between retail and digital distribution. Were brick and mortar stores crying foul which resulted in raised prices? Who knows, but CDKeyplus aims to change all that.

Delving deeper into their offered prices, it really does seem that they are staying true to their claim. Games are indeed cheaper on their platform when compared to Steam.

Compared to other similar websites out there, CDKeyplus appears more honest than most. Devoid of gold farming or power-leveling services.


Standing by the legitimacy of their products, CDKeyplus has graciously given us TWO Star Wars Battlefront keys to cement their trust with the community. There’s no downsides to this and would be a great starting point to giving a young upstart a shot.

How Can You Win?

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The giveaway is open to all worldwide, and closes on 30 November 2015 @23:59hrs (GMT+8). Two entries will be picked at random to win a Digital Download PC version of Star Wars Battlefront each! The lucky geeks will be announced here and on our Facebook page by 2 December 2015. Good luck! And May the Force Be With You.